Ellison Estate View

view of the glamping
view of the glamping

Ever thought of Ellison Estate View
, or of the most expensive houses in the world? Who is the owner? Where is it?

The owners of luxury homes often keep their identities confidential The name “Buckingham Palace” is familiar to many people, but what about Tim Blixseth’s name? already often?

Or, who is the rich man who built a 27-story house that spends billions of money?

Or a fully-equipped house located in the Billionaires Row area in London in 2014 and is currently being equipped with an expansion of basements for tennis courts, health centers and museums

Or maybe houses located in Big Sky, Montana, United States, which are worth US $ 155 million are the largest properties in the Yellowstone Club, complete with private ski areas and a community of golf for the very rich, heated floors, several swimming pools, a game , wine storage room, and own ski lift

So as not to be curious, see Ellison Estate View
in this post and so on …

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